ACTION ALERT: Venezuela Poses No “Threat to the World” — but Washington Post Claim That It Does Is Dangerous

Supporters of the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution are calling out international mainstream media for its insidious propaganda against Venezuela and dangerous regime change scenarios.  Here, Joe Emersberger, calls for the Washington Post to correct an article written by Ishaan Tharoor about the prospect of a coup in which he makes the ludicrous claim that Venezuela is the “enemy of the world.”  When you understand the primary problem in Venezuela is economic and U. S. sanctions grossly impact the economy resulting in hardship for the people, how can Venezuela possibly be the “enemy of the world.”   Was Greece the “enemy of the world” when its economy tanked and seemingly went 20,000 leagues below the sea?  Did the world community consider a military invasion?  Was there a need for United Nations troops?  Was NATO called in?  Of course not, to all of this.

Tell the Washington Post it’s time for their “come to Jesus moment” and to cease slandering and threatening Venezuela.  Will the Washington Post be proud it followed Trump down rabbit holes to bring countries to their knees?  Ask them.