CLAP Under Attack: All You Need to Know About It, Plus Short Video

CLAP is the Spanish acronym for “Local Supply and Production Committees,” a very successful Venezuelan program to supplement food needs.  The program is under attack by U. S. sanction with an assist from its most reliable “water boy,” Colombia.

VIDEO: “Venezuelan Communities Are Working to Provide Food for All Citizens”



Inside the Neo-liberal Laboratory Preparing for the Theft of Venezuela

Justin Podur tells us that within Harvard’s Center for International Development, there is a “Venezuela Growth Lab,” where neo-cons have have been re-designing the future of the country  for years.    Given that the U. S. is unable to pull off a coup and hampered by growing international pressure to stop the intervention, the neo-cons continue to revise plans and tactics.  The plan to ruin Venezuelan goes into deep-dive underground, the only place to work the magic of covert ops.  Let’s see if the blackout in Venezuela last night is the first salvo.


Setting the Stage for an Encounter at the Colombia – Venezuela Border

99% of this article focuses on the U. S.-Colombia relationship, as it should.  Few collaborations  on earth have been as genocidal as the partnership forged 60 years ago when the two countries decided it would eradicate communism from Latin America.

The only good news is that Venezuelan intelligence services have been keeping close tabs on Colombia since President Chavez came to power.

Setting the Stage for an Encounter at the Colombia-Venezuela Border