Open Letter Calls on Canda to Stop Supporting a Corrupt Haitian President

Open Letter Calls on Canada to Stop Supporting a Corrupt Haitian President

And further, Canada, do not follow the US down a rat hole to keep future kleptocrats in power in Haiti. Resist the temptation to join the US in one of its multi-lateral-interim-multi-national-nopeacekeeping-massacremaking-let’s help train the Haitian death squads-kind of force. Canada, you do remember training the death squads??

Trump’s Latin America Team Looks More Like a Reunion of the Cuban American National Foundation

A lengthy, but informative article which gives extensive background on each member (or soon to become a member) of the Trump administration’s Latin America team. Most are associated with organizations and/or think tanks at which they cut their teeth on trying to destroy Cuba in the 1980’s and now are champing at the bit to apply what they have learned to Venezuela.

In One Week, Facebook “Disappears” Telesur, Venezuelanalysis, and Haiti Analysis Pages

Earlier this week,  Facebook went on a rampage taking down pages of  left news and solidarity organizations.  The Telesur and Venezuelanalysis pages have been restored, but only after a lot of mumbo jumbo about “technical issues.”  It appears that the Haiti Analysis page is still down.

See the following article and video for more details.