The DC Venezuela Action Network (DCVAN) is a U.S. political organization which advocates solidarity with Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution and campaigns against threats to the Revolution.


Support the right of the Venezuelan people to determine their future free from external intervention.

Promote the achievements of the Bolivarian revolution.

To support our mission statement objectives, the DC Venezuela Action Network will focus on the following areas:

-We will engage a wide range of organizations, groups, and individuals to further solidarity and better understanding of Venezuela.

-We will sponsor public educational programs, including films and speakers, to inform the public on political issues pertaining to Venezuela and distribute background materials with accurate and up-to-date information.

-We will monitor media coverage of Venezuela and respond to media outlets concerning disinformation and biased reporting.

-We will engage with U.S., Canada, Great Britain, the European Union and other  countries concerning their support of sanctions against Venezuela.

For further information contact DCVAN at:

Email: dcvenezuelaction@gmail.com

Website:  dcvenezuelaactionnetwork.com

Twitter:  @dcvenaction

Phone:  202-277-8252