Venezuela is under a slew of sanctions from several countries:  U. S., Canada, Panama, Switzerland as well as the European Union.  As usual, most countries mimic the content of U. S. sanctions and then time-release their  press announcements. 

 During the first week of October 2018, the U. S. issued its latest set of sanctions.  The sanctions are onerous in nature and impact nearly every type of financial transaction, resulting in very negative impacts on the people of Venezuela.

NOTE:  These sanctions are illegal under international law and violate the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Below is an excellent report developed by a civic group in Venezuela which reviewed  and catalogued international sanctions against Venezuela.  The report associates each sanction with a particular sector, or sectors, of Venezuelan society and then determined the impact of sanctions on human rights.

SPECIAL REPORT:  Unilateral Coercive Measures Against Venezuela and Its Impact on Human Rights, Caracas, 2018


The U. S. Comes in for the Kill Armed with More Sanctions Against Venezuela and Maybe an Oil Embargo

The U. S. and its allies must think this is their last opportunity to destroy Venezuela and disappear the social and economic gains of the Bolivarian Revolution.  It seems the U. S. will employ a full-court-press when the next tsunami of sanctions is issued in a few months

A recent McClatchy news story — Trump taking aim at Venezuela Oil:  U. S. Gas Prices Could Rise — outlines various sanction scenarios and provides analysis about what an outright oil embargo might mean for Venezuela and the U. S. An excerpt is below.

“While a full embargo on purchasing Venezuelan oil — the so-called “nuclear option” —is being actively discussed, the administration is zeroing in on more surgical sanctions that block the sale of oil and oil processing products by U.S. companies to Venezuela and hinder Caracas’s oil industry without directly impacting the Venezuelan people.”