Puerto Rico Governor Calls for “Elimination” of Venezuelan Government, Offers to Host ‘Transition’ Logistics

Ay Dios Mio!

Puerto Rico Governor Calls for ‘Elimination’ of Venezuelan Government, Offers to Host ‘Transition’ Logistics

Ricardo Rossello must have done such a good job of concealing (for a while) the true number of dead from Hurricane Maria– almost 3,000 — that Donald Trump is rewarding him now with an international stage and a script where he gets to play a wise guy.  But, he’s in over his head.  His arrogance during Maria led him to make very deadly mistakes leaving much of the island in chaos.  His arrogant boasts about eliminating the Venezuelan government will leave him ashamed in the end, especially after Trump dumps him like a hot potato.  What Rossello won’t acknowledge is that 80% of Venezuela people are poor, but their lives were transformed markedly with the advent of the Bolivarian Revolution. They will not give their country away to guys like Rossello. They will save their government and president, and they will be fierce on the battle field.


Venezuela at the UN: President Maduro’s Speech to the General Assembly

President Maduro made his speech around 7:30 pm in the evening and finished close to 8:30 pm.  While many General Assembly members were out to dinner, many others remained in the Assembly to hear him.  Maduro received applause prior to his speech and a standing ovation afterwards.  Listen to his remarks and you will know why.

President Maduro’s Speech at the United Nations

Inter-American Dialogue’s New Venezuela Workgroup: Former Presidents and Think Tankers Gather to Plot Against Venezuela

If the Inter-American Dialogue commissions a new workgroup about your country which is designed to “fix” its problems, you know you are in trouble.

The IAD sent out a press release yesterday announcing creation of a Venezuela workgroup.  Its mission is to develop guidance on how to deal with “crises,” which is code for interference by the Trump administration and its Latin American allies including destabilization, coup and destruction of the Bolivarian revolution.

See the Inter-American Dialogue press release.

US Disregard for International Law is a Menace to Latin America by Nino Pagliacci

If you have been getting your news about Venezuela from mainstream media, you have been led astray.  The media’s coverage of Venezuela is hugely biased, desperate, profane, deceptive, unsophisticated, preposterous and lacking both truth and context.  When you read mainstream articles about Venezuela, you are limited to the ideas of Donald Trump, John Bolton, James Mattis, Tom Pompeo, Nikki Haley and think tanks which cut their teeth on trying to destroy Cuba in the 1980’s and now are trying to apply what they learned to Venezuela.

In stark contrast, Nino Pagliccia has written a very thoughtful article about Venezuela’s current problems as well as recent successes, possible scenarios in the event of a US-sponsored military assault, and the importance of making sure the US obeys international law governing intervention in sovereign states. Mr. Pagliccia presents all of the issues in context and offers some of the best analysis I have seen on Venezuela.  Click on Nino’s article below.

US Disregard for International Law is a Menace to Latin America



So the U.S. Says Meetings with Anti-Maduro Military Are No More, Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth

In recent news articles about U. S. collaboration with rebel Venezuelan military soldiers about a coup against President Nicolas Maduro, U. S. participants  are described as “administration officials” or “diplomatic officials.”  If the articles contained evidence that “U. S. military officials” participated as well, the news would be explosive because it would suggest actual military strategy was discussed.

As much as the U. S. would like to bill its meetings with the Venezuelan military as “at the military’s request” and that the U. S. did not entertain its requests for assistance, someone needs to explain Gen. John Mattis’ widely-publicized visit last month to Colombia and Brazil.  After meeting with his Brazilian counterparts, he suggested Brazil was a good candidate to help  Venezuela with its problems. See “A Rabid Dog Roams Latin America and Lingers in Brazil to Find “Solutions” for Venezuela  If you know a lick about Brazil’s fascist dictatorships, brutal army and police neighborhood-by-neighborhood, summary execution of citizens, Brazil serving as a savior to any country is absurd.

The U. S.-Venezuelan military collaboration could not have fizzled, as U. S. administration officials claim.  The slew of of U. S. sanctions lobbed against Venezuela, threatening rhetoric from several Latin American and European countries, attempts to oust Venezuela from various international institutions can only mean joint military cooperation intensified,  is ongoing and is conducted in absolute secrecy.  Mattis could not have gone to go to Latin America without senior military officers laying the groundwork.

Stay tuned!

‘Peaceful return of democracy?’ US doesn’t deny meeting Venezuelan military coup plotters